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No shortage of diversity within Ingenico, with over 20 nationalities spread internally over the various departments. It means a fun, dynamic and flexible work culture that lets people discover, learn and exchange about themselves and others, resulting in incredible successful synergies across the office. In combination with our agile way of working, we are taking teamwork to a new level.

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What sets us apart is that we do care about our customers! The stability and quality of our products are key elements, even if sometimes this might be a challenge.

Stéphanie Raffo Operational Relationship Manager

From an IT perspective we think about 100% availability where other companies might think about 95%. 

Tjeerd Visscher Change Manager

Ingenico is a very dynamic environment, with great people with a large cultural diversity and with a lot of challenges and opportunities to take in the coming months and years.

Sophyan Belataris Compliance Officer

Ingenico DNA

Anne Dewilde - Head of HR Management, Small and Medium Business 

We are a huge fan of empowerment, which gives every individual in the company the opportunity to fully develop and become the best version of themselves more every day. Together with the numerous training and internal growth possibilities, our colleagues can drive their career at Ingenico at their own pace.

Can-Do attitude is another element that is to be seen throughout the Ingenico landscape, as this is strongly connected to the ever changing, fast-paced working environment and payment landscape we are in.

The backbone of our operations is our customer. People at Ingenico are constantly liaising with each other, striving to get the best solution possible for their internal and/or external client.

The Ingenico Journey of...

Adrien Clerbois (27) - Lead Designer

When I joined Ingenico in November 2016 as Developer, it was a fresh start for me after 4 years of consulting experience. The integration in the team was very smooth, impressive how the company, but most importantly the team involves a newcomer in the new professional environment.

Entering an R&D department that was permeated by the Scrum methodology, I was trained and coached on the job. First, like every new developer at Ingenico, I had to understand of course our Merchants, more specifically their needs, hence I had to create a web shop, acting as the “client”, discussing with my colleagues as if they were my supplier.

After this integration period, I was constantly triggered by the big challenges at R&D and the different development projects I was part of. As an individual, it allowed me to put myself into question very regularly. Thanks to the support of and collaboration with my fantastic team, the various training sessions given by other developers, architects, the Product department, etc., but also the possibility to attend and participate to conferences and events, I grew rapidly towards the Lead Designer role I have today.

Anno 2018, our R&D team is inspired by the Spotify model, with a strong focus on innovation and quality. Our slogan is “shaping the future of payments”, well, I strongly believe that we are actually achieving this and are different and ahead of competition.

For me, Ingenico is all about giving chances to people; by giving empowerment, responsibility and the ability to build your career in your own pace, within a multicultural, dynamic environment.

To be continued if you ask me!

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Ingenico continues to grow and is as such constantly looking for talented people to join our organization. If you haven’t found the ideal job within the open vacancies, or if you are just keen on working for Ingenico, within the payments landscape, we are very happy to receive your spontaneous application.


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