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Online and Mobile Payments

The rapid acceleration of the digital economy is driving fundamental changes in global commerce. And where there’s change, there is opportunity. We provide merchants from all over the world with online and mobile payment processing and value-added services, to help them grab the opportunity and fulfill their true potential.

Worldwide online and mobile commerce growth has outpaced traditional retail growth for years, and this growth is accelerating with increasingly more international consumers joining the global marketplace. As an online merchant, this global marketplace represents millions of potential customers.

Many variables determine success online, from offering the right product mix, to delivery, customer service and marketing. We specialize in the most critical part of selling online – the payment process. This means you can focus on running your business with the confidence of knowing that you can offer customers a seamless and safe way to pay.

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Financial Flow Management

We remove the complexity from cross-border eCommerce.
We are a full-service, collecting Payment Service Provider (‘PSP’). This means that our platforms provide a single technical connection to over 150 different international credit cards and alternative payment methods, and we can collect and remit payments from all over the world.

You can offer the local payment methods and currencies that your customers prefer in different countries all over the world with our full-service platforms - and because we have a global presence - you don’t have to open multiple bank accounts or form new legal entities in each country you sell in.

After an easy, fast and secure integration to our platforms, you have access to all of our payment products, as well as additional services such as fraud and chargeback management, checkout optimization and business intelligence.

Financial flow
Reporting & Analytics

Reporting and Reconciliation

With our full-service model, you'll have only one contract to manage and receive a single report and remittance for all activated payment methods, instead of having to manage different contracts, reports, payment cycles and conditions for each individual payment method. This simplifies the payments reconciliation process and reduces the demands placed on your finance department.

Go Mobile

Mobile devices have changed our world. They have redefined how, where and when we interact with the online world. PC’s are no longer the dominant device for online commerce and the consumer experience on a mobile device will increasingly determine the success for online merchants.

Mobile commerce requires a different mindset than traditional eCommerce.
Consumer behavior on a mobile device is shaped by touch control rather than keyboard or mouse input. Smaller screen sizes introduce limitations and connection speeds can differ from device to device and from location to location. Converting mobile browsers into buyers requires a consumer experience that is optimized for mobile devices.

Create the best possible checkout experience for your customers, on whatever device they choose to connect with, using our range of mobile interfaces, products and services help. With our mobile-first approach, we have flexible integration capabilities that offer mobile friendly and in-app payment pages that create an optimized user experience.

Go Mobile


No matter which channel a consumer chooses to engage with – a payment terminal in a store, an online storefront, or an app on a mobile device – their experience should be seamless, streamlined, secure and optimized for the needs of each channel.

As our industry continues to innovate and evolve, and commerce spreads to an ever growing number of channels and devices, creating a consistent and engaging experience across all channels will drive customer loyalty and your business’ success.

Our position as part of Ingenico Group means we are ideally positioned to help you offer your customers a consistent experience and accept payments whether they are made: online, in-store, or on-the-go from any connected device.

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Hosted Page Contains a link to a Payment Page hosted by Ingenico FS. The Hosted Payment Page facilitates the processing of E-Commerce Transactions, because the Merchant does not need to comply with the highest PCI DSS standards.
Connectors plugins
150+ local payment methods
Financial handling and payout --
Reconciliation Allows the Merchant to match its Transactions processed by Ingenico FS with the Merchant’s bank account statements. --
Multi-currency management --
Recurring payments --
User manager Allows the administrator of the Merchant to define up to 10 Merchant Users including the settings for each Merchant User accessing the Ingenico Account. 2 users 5 users 10+ users
Group manager Allows the merchant to group several Ingenico Accounts under a group account (Ingenico Group Account), making it possible to access and administer all the Ingenico Accounts that are active under such Ingenico Group Account. -- --
Advanced reporting --
Marketplace management -- Option Option
Tokenization An alias or token is a reference to the stored Cardholder data of an Account Holder. By using an alias or token, the Account Holder can complete a Transaction without having to re-enter his Cardholder data on the Ingenico Platform. --
Business Intelligence tool -- -- Option
Fraud detection module The basic fraud prevention allows to reduce the Merchant’s exposure to risk. Option
Fraud detection module - Advanced Option Option Option
Customer care (by email, phone & ticketing)
Dedicated onboarding & technical support -- Option
Dedicated consultancy services
(optimized conversion,FX, Fraud protection...)
Option Option Option
Dedicated support (tailored to your needs) -- -- on request
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