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Data Analytics and Expertise

It’s not just what we do for you, it’s what we do with you that counts.

We are your trusted partner, going further beyond payment processing, to help you identify and realize your business’s full online potential. Our tools and technology, combined with deep regional and vertical expertise becomes an extension of your business, giving you the information you need to drive your organization’s eCommerce with confidence.

We work closely with your business to achieve your goals and go beyond.

Elevate Business Intelligence

Today’s customers are smart and they require merchants to be smarter.
Through our extensive Elevate Business Intelligence tool, you can understand and leverage the power of big data, generated from your business’s selling and payment patterns.

Elevate is a Business Intelligence solution for payments and chargebacks, specifically built for international eCommerce companies. Elevate translates raw payment data into interactive and easy-to-read dashboards that let you quickly identify and act on payment problems and opportunities, and benchmark your performance against your peers.

Forget complicated spreadsheets and pivot tables.
With more than 40 dashboards and many filtering options, you can drill down to a very detailed level and unveil the insights you need to make the right strategic decisions for your business. Elevate imports, structures and visualizes your raw payment data in easy to read dashboards that are organized around 9 key performance areas.

Elevate lets you quickly and easily assess key performance metrics such as your authorization rates, chargeback rates, refund rates, ATV, rejection reasons, drop-off rates and many more. Elevate also lets you benchmark yourself against the averages for your industry, or the top performers among your peers.

Payment Performance Consultancy

Merchants want more than data to make good decisions. They want guidance.

Our Professional Services team provides the expertise you need to help optimize your payment performance. Leveraging over two decades of online payment experience, we focus on:

  • User Experience and Conversion: Our consultants will review your entire customer journey and provide detailed analysis and insight on ways to improve your business’s payment presentation and boost conversion.
  • Payment Success Rates: Leverage our experience in driving successful payments to optimize your acquirer set-up and drive higher success rates.
  • Fraud Management: Minimize chargebacks, maximize approvals and reduce operational costs with specialist fraud consulting and managed fraud services.
  • Payment Cost Minimization: How do you reduce the total costs of your payments infrastructure? Our consultants can help you with a review and streamline of your cost structure.

Expand into new markets without growing pains.
Draw on over two decades of regional and cross-border payments knowledge to help you grow your business with the payment methods, language and currency of choice in each country you operate. Our global expertise and consultative approach can help you remove borders and have a huge impact on your business’s success.

All of our Payment Performance Consultancy services are tailored to your individual business model and target demographic.

Global Customer Care

We care about our customers as much as you care about yours.
That’s why we make sure that each merchant has direct access to Ingenico ePayments as well as the opportunity to contribute to our development and future direction. Merchants who process payments with Ingenico ePayments have access to industry-leading service and support, as well as consultants and internal experts within Ingenico ePayments. Our hands-on and consultative approach provides merchants with the assistance and expertise they need to turn their eCommerce strategy into reality.

Our Customer Interaction Centre and Merchant Services Teams are dedicated to maintaining easy access to Ingenico ePayments, no matter where merchants are in the world. eCommerce doesn’t stop, so we don’t either.

We value your input.
The Global Customer Advisory Board (GCAB) is an annual gathering of Ingenico ePayments colleagues and merchants to exchange knowledge and best practices, as well as identify priorities and action items for the future. Participating merchants represent all regions and industries on a rotating basis. The GCAB has been in place since 2011 and has significantly contributed to the joint development or extension of our services and payment options. We are proud of the relationships built and the results yielded.

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Ingenico recommends: For small businesses looking to accept phone and mail order payments

Ingenico recommends: For larger businesses looking for a complete package

Ingenico recommends: For businesses looking for a customizable online and mobile solution

For small businesses looking to accept phone and mail order payments Get started
For larger businesses looking for a complete package Get Started
For businesses looking for a customizable online and mobile solution Contact us
Hosted Page Contains a link to a Payment Page hosted by Ingenico FS. The Hosted Payment Page facilitates the processing of E-Commerce Transactions, because the Merchant does not need to comply with the highest PCI DSS standards.
Connectors plugins
150+ local payment methods
Financial handling and payout --
Reconciliation Allows the Merchant to match its Transactions processed by Ingenico FS with the Merchant’s bank account statements. --
Multi-currency management --
Recurring payments --
User manager Allows the administrator of the Merchant to define up to 10 Merchant Users including the settings for each Merchant User accessing the Ingenico Account. 2 users 5 users 10+ users
Group manager Allows the merchant to group several Ingenico Accounts under a group account (Ingenico Group Account), making it possible to access and administer all the Ingenico Accounts that are active under such Ingenico Group Account. -- --
Advanced reporting --
Marketplace management -- Option Option
Tokenization An alias or token is a reference to the stored Cardholder data of an Account Holder. By using an alias or token, the Account Holder can complete a Transaction without having to re-enter his Cardholder data on the Ingenico Platform. --
Business Intelligence tool -- -- Option
Fraud detection module The basic fraud prevention allows to reduce the Merchant’s exposure to risk. Option
Fraud detection module - Advanced Option Option Option
Customer care (by email, phone & ticketing)
Dedicated onboarding & technical support -- Option
Dedicated consultancy services
(optimized conversion,FX, Fraud protection...)
Option Option Option
Dedicated support (tailored to your needs) -- -- on request
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