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Cross-border Payments

Trade is unconstrained by time or location. Customers are shopping around the clock and around the globe. Merchants are selling online and across borders.

It’s all happening now.
Businesses looking to grow online want a payment services provider that can support their cross border ambitions. Having a partner with a broad range of products and who understands local preferences for payment methods and currencies is crucial for success. But that’s not enough. Merchants also need a payment services provider with a global footprint and consultative approach, to help identify which currencies and payment methods make the most sense and to work alongside with them, every step of the way.

Our goal is to help merchants Go Further around the world and we firmly believe in a “Think Global, Act Local” approach. With offices all over the world, a global network of payment products and acquiring partners, and extensive regional expertise, we work with you to reduce the complexity of cross-border commerce, and take your business where you want to go.

Global Network of Payments

We don't just talk about global, we are global.
Letting consumers pay in their own currency and using preferred payment methods increases conversion. That's why we offer merchants over 150 currencies and 150 payment methods, with an unrivalled portfolio that spans over 170 countries around the world. By partnering with Ingenico ePayments, merchants can create the local payment experience their customers expect.

As you grow, we’ll be there to support you every step of the way.
Our flexible approach enables merchants to start processing payments using only the currencies and payment methods that best fit their business model, and as their business grows, we are there to help them scale with the right mix of products and services for each phase of their growth. We can easily add additional payment methods, helping merchants expand into new international markets, without extra hassle. By drawing on our global footprint and payments expertise, merchants can enter into new markets with a clear understanding of the different consumer payment preferences and regulatory environments, while maintaining remittance in the currency of their choice.

By relying on our global network of acquiring partners and multiple rerouting options, we can ease the payment authorization process and improve conversion, without placing the burden on our merchants.

Global Network of Payments

Multi-Currency Management

Wherever you want to sell, we'll show you the ropes and make it manageable.
Cross-border selling is challenging. Different languages, currencies, payment habits and payment products all add complexity. Our payment experts can help remove this complexity. We are based in every key market and can share insights that help merchants establish and grow their business around the world. We’ll help you optimize your payment processes and connect with consumers all over the globe by delivering the localized payment experience that's right for your customers, wherever they are.

Add more currencies without adding complexity.
We provide consolidated financial reporting, including multiple payment products in a single report and offer remittance of multi-currency funds in a single preferred currency. Our goal is to keep international eCommerce simple and manageable, so that you can focus on expanding your business.

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Hosted Page Contains a link to a Payment Page hosted by Ingenico FS. The Hosted Payment Page facilitates the processing of E-Commerce Transactions, because the Merchant does not need to comply with the highest PCI DSS standards.
Connectors plugins
150+ local payment methods
Financial handling and payout --
Reconciliation Allows the Merchant to match its Transactions processed by Ingenico FS with the Merchant’s bank account statements. --
Multi-currency management --
Recurring payments --
User manager Allows the administrator of the Merchant to define up to 10 Merchant Users including the settings for each Merchant User accessing the Ingenico Account. 2 users 5 users 10+ users
Group manager Allows the merchant to group several Ingenico Accounts under a group account (Ingenico Group Account), making it possible to access and administer all the Ingenico Accounts that are active under such Ingenico Group Account. -- --
Advanced reporting --
Marketplace management -- Option Option
Tokenization An alias or token is a reference to the stored Cardholder data of an Account Holder. By using an alias or token, the Account Holder can complete a Transaction without having to re-enter his Cardholder data on the Ingenico Platform. --
Business Intelligence tool -- -- Option
Fraud detection module The basic fraud prevention allows to reduce the Merchant’s exposure to risk. Option
Fraud detection module - Advanced Option Option Option
Customer care (by email, phone & ticketing)
Dedicated onboarding & technical support -- Option
Dedicated consultancy services
(optimized conversion,FX, Fraud protection...)
Option Option Option
Dedicated support (tailored to your needs) -- -- on request
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