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Originally created to support web developers and design agencies, our partner programme has grown to include many other types of businesses. From industry solution and shopping cart providers to independent sales organisations and acquirers, from trade associations and consulting companies to fulfilment companies and hosting companies.

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Through our partner portal you will access all the resources you need to do business with us: co-branded collaterals, webinars, whitepapers, reporting, market information, partner newsletter, dedicated support.

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Benefits to you:

When you join our partner programme, there are many advantages for your business. We can help you to:

  • increase your sales revenues by adding our conversion-boosting payment gateway to your portfolio
  • deploy in a test environment to let your clients experience for themselves the features and benefits of our payment gateway
  • access 2nd-level helpdesk support and 24/7 monitoring of our fully-redundant network
  • connect easily with popular e-commerce platforms using pre-built shopping cart connections, such as our certified Magento extension
  • benefit from our reputation for technical innovation and quality of service
  • access our Partner Portal and grow your business with us
  • receive a competitive rate of commission on the referrals/sales you generate

Benefits to your clients:

With its many scalable features and tangible benefits, our payment gateway is an easy sell. With us as a partner, your clients will be able to:

  • offer more payment methods to let customers choose how they want to pay
  • reach a wider audience by offering the preferred local payment method in any market and provide a payment page in more than 20 languages
  • localise their payment page in their look and feel to build trust
  • optimise their checkout with features like one-click payments and 'save card details' for faster payments
  • accept more safe orders and limit their exposure to fraud

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For small businesses looking to accept phone and mail order payments Contact us
Contact us
For larger businesses looking for a complete package Contact us
For businesses looking for a customizable online and mobile solution Contact us
Hosted Page Contains a link to a Payment Page hosted by Ingenico FS. The Hosted Payment Page facilitates the processing of E-Commerce Transactions, because the Merchant does not need to comply with the highest PCI DSS standards.
Connectors plugins
150+ local payment methods
Financial handling and payout --
Reconciliation Allows the Merchant to match its Transactions processed by Ingenico FS with the Merchant’s bank account statements. --
Multi-currency management --
Recurring payments --
User manager Allows the administrator of the Merchant to define up to 10 Merchant Users including the settings for each Merchant User accessing the Ingenico Account. 2 users 5 users 10+ users
Group manager Allows the merchant to group several Ingenico Accounts under a group account (Ingenico Group Account), making it possible to access and administer all the Ingenico Accounts that are active under such Ingenico Group Account. -- --
Advanced reporting --
Marketplace management -- Option Option
Tokenization An alias or token is a reference to the stored Cardholder data of an Account Holder. By using an alias or token, the Account Holder can complete a Transaction without having to re-enter his Cardholder data on the Ingenico Platform. --
Business Intelligence tool -- -- Option
Fraud detection module The basic fraud prevention allows to reduce the Merchant’s exposure to risk. Option
Fraud detection module - Advanced Option Option Option
Customer care (by email, phone & ticketing)
Dedicated onboarding & technical support -- Option
Dedicated consultancy services
(optimized conversion,FX, Fraud protection...)
Option Option Option
Dedicated support (tailored to your needs) -- -- on request
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