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Ingenico Connect is a suite of tools and services designed to make integration to our payment platform simple, fast and secure, using the latest technologies and tools that developers expect. Once integrated, Ingenico Connect’s mobile-first interfaces enable you to flexibly create an engaging consumer experience on any device.

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Increase speed to market

Simple, fast and secure integration reduces your time to market and lowers the demands placed on your IT department.

Increase sales

Create the best possible user experience across all devices and interfaces, to increase conversion of visitors to shoppers.

Increase flexibility

Pick the integration technology that best fits your environment, and flexibly optimize the checkout experience.

Key features

Fast & Secure Integration

Fast & Secure Integration


Fast & Secure Integration

Mobile Optimized Checkout

MyCheckout Hosted Payment Pages / In-app payments

Fast & Secure Integration

Conversion Features

Single-click payments / A/B testing / Analytics

Fast & Secure Integration

Integration Support Tools

Developer Hub / API explorer / Sandbox test environment / Configuration center


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