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Easy integration/Flexible Checkout

Ingenico Connect is a suite of tools and services designed to make integration to our payment platform simple, fast and secure, using the latest technologies and tools that developers expect. Once integrated, Ingenico Connect’s mobile-first interfaces enable you to flexibly create an engaging consumer experience on any device.

Key features

Fast & Secure Integration

Rest API

Our REST API is the programming interface to integrate with Ingenico ePayments. Developers can use the API to connect an online store or app with Ingenico ePayments’s platform.


Our Software Development Kits (SDKs) bridge the gap between the REST API calls and the programming language your (native mobile) consumer devices or eCommerce server uses.

Mobile Optimized Checkout

Ingenico MyCheckout

Ingenico MyCheckout is a responsive hosted payment page solution. It adapts automatically to the screen size of your customers device, whether it is a mobile phone, tablet or desktop.

In-app payments

Our iOS and Android SDKs easily enable native in-app payments for the leading mobile platforms.

Conversion Features

One-click payments

Tokenization enables simple, one-click payments that improve the user experience and drive conversion.

A/B Testing

Quickly and easily test variations of payment pages for optimal response with the possibility to create different variants using the unique MyCheckout editor.


Ingenico’s Elevate lets you analyze your payments data and identify issues and opportunities for optimization.

Integration Support Tools

Developer Hub

The Developer Hub contains all information, resources, and support that developers need to integrate with Ingenico ePayments.


Our sandbox is a stand-alone test environment within the Developer Hub that replicates a real-world production environment and lets developers test functionality and processes without risk of impacting business.

Configuration Center

The configuration center is your one-stop entry point to your settings and configurations. Here you can configure your account, and manage your subdomain and checkout page setup.

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Select and integrate

With Ingenico Connect, you can choose between four different ways to connect to our platform, depending on your specific needs and desired PCI scope.

Ingenico Connect / 4 Connections Options


Explore and play

This is a central repository of information, resources, and support that developers need to integrate with Ingenico Connect. This includes full API referencing, direct access to the SDKs, test cases and best practices, and access to FAQs and support. The Developer Hub also includes a sandbox environment where developers can test and validate their results.

Optimize the user experience

Once fully integrated, Ingenico ePayments also offers a range of analytics products and services designed to analyze, test and optimize the user experience on your Checkout pages, in order to drive conversion.

Explore the Developer Hub

Benefits to your business

Increase speed to market

Simple, fast and secure integration reduces your time to market and lowers the demands placed on your IT department.

Increase sales

As consumers are increasingly using a variety of devices to shop online, creating the best possible user experience for any interface drives conversion of visitors to shoppers.

Increase flexibility

With Ingenico Connect, you can pick the integration technology that best fits your environment, and flexibly optimize the checkout experience.

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