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Studio Anneloes

“As one of the most popular PSPs in the Netherlands, and with its global network, the team at Ingenico has not only provided a platform that works for our customers, but one that will grow with us as we look to expand our reach.” - Anneloes Van der Heijden, Founder Studio Anneloes.

What is the inspiration behind Studio Anneloes?

Anneloes: Back in 2006, there was high demand for a quicker response to new fashion trends, yet this wasn’t being provided by other brands. I saw this as a clear gap in the market, so did what I could to address it. We now have a two-pronged approach – we try to anticipate new trends as quick as possible, and we get to know the Studio Anneloes consumer through and through.

We have a lot of contact with our consumers, so we know what those women are looking for. We then use that information to shape our collections. The customer is very much a part of our story from the beginning.

What’s unique about Studio Anneloes?

Anneloes: We are unique in how we sell and how we deliver. Our rhythm bucks the usual industry trends: our collections have a very short time to market since we deliver around 16 per year. This model enables us to hone in directly on what pieces are selling well in the shops and what the street scene is, so we can process that information into our next collection. That’s certainly our most unique aspect.

What brought Studio Anneloes to Ingenico?

Jan-Willem (Co-founder): We chose Ingenico because we were looking for a reliable payments partner – reliability is crucial when operating a business online. A payments partner must have a solid image, an international base, and must present opportunities for us.

It was also very important to us that our new partner listened closely to what we had to say, and that we received top quality service in line with our vision. This was absolutely the case with Ingenico.

What role does sustainability play within Studio Anneloes?

Jan-Willem: Being part of the fashion industry, we realise that clothing and how it is made can have a major impact on the environment – we want to be transparent about this and do what we can to reduce our footprint.

So, every item in our line now has a QR code that shows customers its environmental impact. This QR label is dynamic, this means that if processes in the chain improve. The next time that item is produced, the impact values will change – hopefully downwards. This is rarely seen in the fashion industry, so we are very proud of it!

What does the future hold for Studio Anneloes and Ingenico?

Jan-Willem: We have many plans for the future and we certainly see these unfolding in cooperation with Ingenico. Since working together, we’ve seen our conversion rate increase by half a percent, our return rate decrease sharply by 10%, and our international orders grow by 75%.

We have no ambitions to go abroad with our wholesale and retail activities, but with regard to our online activities, we certainly see opportunities in the collaboration with Ingenico.

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